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By my clients and a few nurses


As soon as my husband and I met Martha,  it was an instant connection. We felt like she understood who we were and what we wanted. It was the easiest and best decision to hire her.Martha was amazingly flexible with providing us prenatal support during COVID. We had Zoom meetings, texts, and calls! After every interaction with her, my husband and I left feeling assured in our decisions, prepared, and even more connected to each other and our baby. She asked questions we would have never though of and always worked to make us feel like we owned our birth. She helped me discover that my OBGYN was not on board with my birth plan and helped me find a midwife at 35 weeks pregnant!  When it was time to actually have the baby, my husband and I felt excited instead of afraid because Martha had made us feel like we knew what we were doing. Our birth did not go to our ideal plan, but it was possibly the best, most bonding experience of our lives. We felt confident and at peace with every decision we made, even when these decisions deviated from our ideal birth plan. Martha helped us through every decision and was always on our side.In the process, she provided amazing physical, moral, and emotional support to my husband and myself. She wasn't just a person in the room; she was our teammate. She helped suggest positioning, gave words of encouragement, and helped us fully experience the birth of our daughter.  Even after our daughter was born (04/16/20), she continued and continues to support us.  It's abundantly clear that Martha isn't a doula for a living. She lives to be a doula. We hope she will forever be apart of our daughter's life because she helped us bring her into the world! We will 100% be hiring her again for our next birth and recommend her without hesitation to absolutely anyone looking for a doula.Hayley Kutz, 5/3/20

After having an unplanned c-section with my first birth, I felt very strongly that hiring a doula would be critical if I wanted my second to be a VBAC. I'm so glad we found Martha. I loved our prenatal home visits when she came to talk to my husband and me about our past experience, what our goals were this time, etc. The home visits were just so much more comprehensive and personalized as compared with my brief OB visits. I felt so heard, validated, and supported. Martha had lots of great experience, knowledge, and wisdom to share, but was first and foremost focused on my views and preferences. I felt very well-prepared for my birth, and Martha was an essential part of that. Whereas last time we’d gone to the hospital very early on, this time I was content to stay at home, well into active labor. When Martha arrived she didn’t take over, but took cues (whether verbal or nonverbal) from me and my husband for when we needed some support. I’ll never forget how, when the contractions were getting really intense, and I was struggling to breathe through them, I heard Martha say quietly from across the room, “Ahhhh.” And somehow it just clicked that that was the sound my body needed me to make, to keep moving through this labor and to allow my body to relax and open. Another crystal clear moment I remember was when I was on the home stretch, getting ready to push. Martha looked at me and said, "You know this is really happening, right? You're going to get a VBAC!" I'm not sure I really did believe it until just then. I’m also so glad we hired her for the postpartum period. It was so wonderful to have her come to our home during that tremendously overwhelming time! She did everything from offering breastfeeding support to playing with our toddler (which was usually what we needed the most!) They even baked cookies one time. Martha was definitely the right choice for our family!Johanna, 2/17/20

Because of Martha's amazing support, I was able to have a successful VBAC in November of 2019. After having an unplanned c-section and labor/delivery that did not go the way I imagined it to at all, I knew I needed to find special support to have a sucessful VBAC. The second I met Martha, I knew I needed to have her on my team.  My husband wasn't on board at first, but looking back he is super happy we had Martha.

Martha was very communicative and I loved having her available/on-call during my final weeks leading up to my labor. She offfered amazing support and reassurance during our prenatal visits. My early home labor began to really pick up around midnight and by 5am, Martha was at our house, offering her support and comforting me. She was there with me every step of my long labor. Throughout the entire labor, she was literally always right next to me and watching me. If I needed space, she gave me space. She knew exactly how to move with my body as I stood and swayed side to side. She took on all of my weight and digging fingers without any hesitation. I ended up getting an epidural after 16 hours of labor which Martha helped me rock through 100% unmedicated. Within 2 hours of epidural, I was pushing and our second beautiful baby girl was delivered vaginally.Martha was an advocate for me in the hospital considering I was a "VBAC" patient. She did not treat me like a VBAC patient. She helped me draft my very straight forward birth plan and offered resources and guidance to help me mentally prepare myself for an all natural labor. It's really an unexplainable experience and one everyone must partake. The support Martha offered is unlike any family member. We are glad we invested and would recommend Martha 1000000%. , Angelia Vang, May 2020

I initially chose Martha as my doula because I really like her easy going personality and comfortable warm presence. Throughout our time working together these qualities remained true. Martha really made sure that I was the one to call the shots and had things the way that I wanted them and she had knowledge and information to share when we requested it. She remained calm throughout my labor and helped me to be focused and present through the most challenging part of my labor. I also really appreciated her attentiveness during the days and weeks after birth. She was a joy to have in our home. Martha is a lovely person and a skilled doula! " Bryn Schumacher, May, 2019

I initially reached out to Martha because she had training in techniques I was interested in, like Spinning Babies and Hypnobirthing. Her energy was immediately warm and positive, while her knowledge was clear and matter-of-fact. We spent a lot of time talking with Martha about what I wanted - a spontaneous, non-medicated birth which would take place in a hospital but begin with me laboring at home as long as possible. What actually happened was an induction that caught us all by surprise, and was initially extremely stressful for both my husband and I. We involved Martha in the discussion immediately, and she presented us with added information that we were not getting from the hospital staff. She also gave me a document called "Owning Your Induction" which proved very powerful.  One we decided to go ahead with the induction, Martha not only made herself available despite being three weeks before my due date, but guided me through a very painful active labor with wisdom and patience. I received pitosen and did not have an epidural, which may have contributed to a very intense stretch of contractions. Martha coached me to give in to the experience instead of attempting to manage the pain, which proved invaluable in the end. She encouraged the spontaneous movements I was making and gently pressed me to keep on with them because she knew it was helping things progress - even when I just wanted to curl up in a ball and ride it out. She also showed my husband how to support me during labor.  About 24 hours after starting the induction I gave birth vaginally to a healthy baby girl, and the hospital staff assured me that as far as first babies and inductions go, my experience was relatively quick and smooth. I firmly believe it was Martha's calming and knowledagable presence that allowed my husband and I both to have a positive experience despite the induction being far from what we originally wanted. Alissa, 11/12/2019 

​​"(Martha) was an amazing support to the mother..helpful, and respectful and a huge asset to the hospital staff.  The doula really listened to the mother and supported her in every way she could.  She worked well with the hospital staff in making the mother's experience a positive one."  TIPHANIE, R.N. (June 2016)

"I was initially on the fence about whether or not to spend the money on hiring a doula. It was my first pregnancy, and I envisioned having a mediction-free and intervention-free birth. Since my insurance didn't cover a homebirth with a midwife or a birthing center, I opted for a hospital birth. I found Martha on one of the doula websites, and after reading all of the positive testimonials we decided to meet with her. Martha is very experienced in attending births, and despite all of the research I had done on my own regarding the birth experience I wanted, she was able to bring some things to my attention that I wasn't aware of and could look into more. It is also very apparent that Martha loves what she does, and she does not do it for the money.  With hospital births, you typically will end up with a doctor of midwife who you have never met before. It was very comforting having Martha there, someone I knew and trusted, who was also familiar with the labor and delivery experience. I had my birth plan, but it put me at ease knowing that I had discussed it extensively with Martha ahead of time, and knew that she would help inform me if hospital staff was about to do something against my wishes. My birth plan consisted of declining most of the hospital protocols/interventions, as I wanted the most primal type of birthing experience as possible despite the hospital setting. Family and friends thought my husband and I were a bit crazy for declining many of these things, but Martha made me feel empowered, strong, and in control of my birthing experience. She helped me to trust my body and the birthing experience more than I already had on my own. With Martha present at my home prior to leaving for the hospital, I was able to labor at home much longer than I would have without her there. I am so glad that I opted to hire a doula, and that Martha was the one who was with me during the process. If we have a second child, I won't hesitate to hire Martha again." KAYLIN, August  2019 

"Martha was initially my prenatal yoga instructor but, once I learned that she was a doula, I was eager to know more about her. Martha first met with my husband and I to go over what we could expect from each other if we agreed to work with her. From the beginning, it was clear that Martha was non-judgental, supportive and of high emotional intelligence. Throughout my second and third trimester, we met a few times to go over how I was feeling and what my desires were for my birth. She raised many questions that I had not thought of and I was grateful for her guidance! Additionally, she would guide me through some gentle yoga poses and stretches to help with my lower back pain and also process my emotions regarding my pregnancy and labor. When I went into labor, she remained a calm and supportive force. She understood when I deviated from my plan to labor at home as long as possible and advocated for me with medical staff throughout the entire process. She was always gentle with positioning suggestions and good natured when the going got rough. It was reassuring to see multiple nurses and my doctor recognize her and have a positive experience with her in the room. Everyone acknowledged that they enjoyed working with her.  Martha also provided me with 12 hours of postpartum care which was an invaluable experience. It was great to have somebody to watch my baby while I did something to take care of myself like shower, nap, grocery shop or cook a small meal. Those moments helped me get back to feeling like myself after the birth!  If you are looking for a kind, understanding and supportive doula, Martha is your girl. No matter where you are on the spectrum of birth wishes (epidural, non-medicated, hypno etc.) Martha will support you unconditionally and non-judgementally. Thank you so much Martha!!!"  LAUREN B. June 2019 

"I had a WONDERFUL experience having Martha as my doula for my first child. She brings positivity and an open heart to every meeting - exactly what you would wish for in a pregnancy/birthing coach. Martha was great at answering all my questions throughout my pregnancy and during postpartum. She was always quick to respond and provided me with great resources. She is very non-judgemental and I always felt comfortable around her. Best of all, she made me feel EMPOWERED to make the descisions that I felt were best for me and my baby. My birth was a long one - 24 + hours - and Martha was there supporting me and my birth wishes the entire time. She interacted well with the hospital staff and provided suggestions to help my labor progress. She also wrote a beautiful recollection of my birth story that I am very thankful to have.  I am very grateful to have had Martha by my side during my pregnancy and birth. I would highly recommend Martha as a doula. My husband and I are looking forward to having her as our doula again when we have our second child!"-Koren T., July 2018 

I strongly recommend that you consider Martha if you are interested in working with a doula that is caring and determined. She served as doula for the birth of my husband and I’s first daughter. During a long (38 hours!) labor, much of it spent at home, she was constantly by our side. Martha was a vital source of support when we were laboring at home and provided a great deal of certainty that what we were going through was normal and natural. She was great about helping me relax between contractions and offering advice on different positions that I could try to move things along. When we finally decided to go to the hospital, Martha actually beat us there and was waiting at the entrance. During our time in the labor room, she was proactive about providing advice and context about what was going on and served as an advocate for my care. I am really happy that I was able to deliver vaginally in part because it was nice for Martha to be able to experience that after being by my side the entire time. I overheard the nurse that was with me during the last part of my labor thank Martha for being there, which speaks to the value of having her presence. As a bonus, Martha took detailed notes throughout my labor and provided them to me and my husband. It means quite a lot to us to have documentation of such a transformative and dramatic event in our lives, so we certainly appreciate that. Emily Tyner and Shaun Hayes, 2/13/19

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Martha as our doula. We were looking for someone to guide us through the process of preparing for giving birth, since neither of us had done it before. Martha is a skilled listener - she always focused carefully on what we were saying, and truly seemed to understand our wishes. She answered our questions and helped guide us through the process of getting ready for birth. During labor and delivery, Martha was there as a supportive presence, giving words of encouragement, and giving my wife acupressure support during her contractions. As the birth partner, I appreciated having Martha by my side because she was a calming presence. Her encouragement and support helped me to be fully present for my wife. We had been told by many people that birth never goes the way you expect or plan. That may be true, but we were lucky to have the kind of birth we envisioned. We wouldn't have had such a positive experience without Martha's support. I would heartily recommend working with Martha!, Laura M., Oct. 2018


My husband and I hired Martha as our doula for our first birth. We met her and immediatley were drawn to her welcoming and calming demeanor. She is a keen listener and very respectful. After making the official decision to have a doula for this birth, I was immediatley put at ease that we would have someone quite experienced to go along with us for the remainder of my pregnancy. She met with us on two occasions previous to beginning labor and offered a variety of support and diplomatic advice. When I went into labor, Martha was the first person I called. I trusted her and felt like she was a long time friend. She supported both myself and my partner during the entire birthing process. She was never judgemental or intrusive, and gave us a lot of space to have an intimate birthing experience with support and care. Marhta was present after the birth for breasfeeding support and just the joyful bliss of meeting our newborn. She wrote a beautiful and detailed birth story for our family that we will treasure! She met with us after the birth to check in and offer any needed services. I would highly recommend Martha as a doula and look forward to working with her again if we expand our family. Sarah D., October 2018 

Martha is really a wonderful soul. We enjoyed getting to know her beforehand. She's a wealth of information and quickly researches anything she doesn't know offhand. She is easy to get in contact with and responds fast. I was so glad to have her with us during my long birth process. She helped me change positions and helped keep me comfortable. I don't remember what she said exactly, but I remember it being so calming while I was going through it. Thanks for the support, Martha! Tiferet Berenbaum 1/26/2017

​"Patient and kind. Excellent support. Respectful-both of patient and hospital staff. I would love to work with Martha again."

Nurse, C.H., 2016

"Martha is an angel. From the first meeting, to our prenatal visits, to the big day - Martha and her experience and knowledge helped my husband and I have the BEST birthing experience we could have  EVER dreamed. Martha helped me pre labor at home - and was my coach, advocate, guide and shoulder to lean on once we got to the hospital. I genuinely could not have done it without Martha, and am so thankful to have met her. Without Martha's positivity, encouragement and guidance I would not have been able to stick to my original plan for unmedicated birth too! I remember hearing  her calm, confident voice. And I also remember Martha's soothing touch and  calming lavendar oil massage between contractions.  Martha helped me stay positive during pregnancy, and helped me stay calm and confident during the labor. I swear I didn't have any tearing or stitches much in part to having a doula by our side.  Martha, thank you for being with us the entire time and for your expert help at the hospital after birth also.  Thank you for continuing to be available post partum for questions and help also - you are a godsend and if/when we have our second we will  for  sure  be calling you again. "

-Eliza Cypress Feb. 2018

"Martha was wonderful and provided the exact support I /we needed before, during and after birth."-E.G.,  July, 2019

"Martha was my doula for the birth of my second child in September 2017. She was absolutely vital to me having the birth experience I was hoping for. She is a very calm and reassuring presence and was able to sense exactly what I needed, when I needed it. She was very much in tune with me before labor began and during - she was able to anticipate my needs while still remaining in the background. After a typical hospital birth with the cascade of interventions, I wanted to do better with my second birth. Thanks to switching to midwives and working with Martha, we made it happen! She helped me labor at home as long as possible - something I never would have been able to trust myself enough to do. She kept me moving and often suggested different positions to keep things progressing. She was very hands off - I think she sensed this is what I needed from her. She very much made the birth be about me and my husband and our soon to be born baby and faded into the background. But when I needed her (to help hold the fetal monitor on my belly so I could stand during painful contractions upon arrival at the hospital, to gently remind hospital staff to keep lighting dim, to continually encourage me this was something I could do) she was right there. It was absolutely thanks to Martha that I was able to have a completely natural, intervention-free hospital birth. It was everything I could have hoped for and I'm so grateful to her. She's wonderful!" Posted 3/5/2018, Jennifer D.  

"Hello my name is Ana, and Martha was my doula for my second baby, she was great i had only meet her a week in advance prior to my birth delivery since baby came a week early. So i had only meet her once before she was in the hospital with me. she is very warm and mother like, not judgmental very profesional with tons of expiriance under her belt. I was alone in the hospital with no familiy members during the birth and Martha was my only support, thanks to her the breathing excerises and the walking around help me speed up the birth of baby boy. She ask the nurses questions that i coulnt even think of during my labor and took notes of everything thats was going on and beaing done to me. She couch me through out the whole expirance even holding one of my legs (jaja) couldnt of ask for a better person to be there with me. Thank you Martha."   -Ana (May, 2018)  

"I loved working with Martha! She's so knowledable, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. She was flexible and so attentive and it's clear she's passionate about what she does. I cannot imagine going thru my pre partum, birth and postpartum care without her! She's a great advocate and a listener. I would recommend her to anyone! She has awesome energy."  MEREDITH GOLDBERG (May 12, 2018)  

"Martha is an amazing doula, and anyone would be lucky to have her at their side throughout the pregnancy journey. She was very supportive in the months leading up to my son’s birth, customizing her services to fit my needs, providing valuable information, answering my questions, and even joining me for a prenatal labor and delivery class. Her presence in the delivery room was incredibly comforting and helpful. She guided me with many empowering techniques for inducing natural labor, and held my hand and spoke encouraging words to help me through each contraction. She is very knowledgeable about birthing in a hospital setting due to her background working in the medical field combined with her experience as a doula, so she was able to explain things and help me better understand my options. Her positive energy was great in the postpartum period as well, when she visited my home to help ease the transition to motherhood and make sure I was doing well with my new little one. As a first time mom, I highly recommend Martha... I can’t imagine having done it without her!," CAROLYN FRASER, (Jan. 2018)  

"I highly recommend Martha and her extraordinary doula services. From the moment we met, I knew she would be a great fit. Martha is the perfect mix of knowledgeable, peaceful and expansive. I loved our prenatal sessions - the yoga and reiki in particular. I can't thank her enough for the incredible support she provided to me while I labored primarily at home in the middle of the night. And then later at the hospital when my son made his debut earthside. Even weeks after, Martha continues to check in with me and offer her support." KAMAHRIA HOPKINS  (August 2017)

"Martha was a calming presence and my advocate at the birth of our daughter; she has continued to be an important part of our lives as a post-partum doula, which has made the tiring first weeks of motherhood go more smoothly. I highly recommend Martha as a doula, post-partum doula, support and friend. My daughter, fiancé and I are very grateful to have Martha in our lives!Milwaukee doulas at Doula Woman." MARIKA K. (Sept. 2017)

"Thank you so much Doula Woman for helping me find that power and keeping it!" Client B.R. (Dec. 2017)

"I initially found Martha's profile on a website for doulas in Kenosha and Racine. After reading her profile, I scheduled a meet and greet. From the moment I met Martha, I knew she would be my doula. I didn't even bother to interview anyone else! It was as if I was reconnecting with an old friend, rather than meeting someone for the first time.  I genuinely enjoyed every prenatal visit and appreciated Martha's amazing Reiki ability. Martha generously offers discounted Reiki to her doula clients. In addition to prenatal visits, Martha and I exchanged text messages and emails throughout my pregnancy. She always made herself available to answer my questions and even sent messages just to check on me! During my labor and delivery, Martha provided the perfect amount of support. She instictively knew exactly how much love and guidance to offer. I chose to have a hospital birth that included an epidural. Martha respected my choices and decisions and never tried to steer me off of my chosen path. Martha encouraged and supported me throughout every step. Martha helped me decide the kind of birth experience I wanted to have. In order to create my "birth plan," she asked me the important questions that I needed to answer for myself - but in such a way that I never felt pressured or judged. Martha supported the plan that I wanted and acted as the perfect guide.  Choosing Martha was one of the most rewarding decisions I made on my pregnancy journey. I can honestly say that I made a friend for life." LISA EMKAY (Nov. 14, 2017)

"Martha's time, efforts, guidance, and insights were invaluable in all ways leading up our daughter's birth and beyond. Her professionalism and maternal instincts have been a welcome addition to us as first-time parents. Please note that other doulas may be less expensive, but you truly pay for what you get. With Martha, we found knowledge and support beyond monetary value. On a scale of one to ten, Martha is an absolute twenty! If you're reading this recommendation, congratulations on your soon-to-be newborn; don't waste a moment's time and hire Martha Wasserman with a quickness!" COLIN KOHLS HARBECKE (Sept. 12,  2017)

I contacted Martha very early on in my pregnancy with the intent to interview several doulas.  Upon meeting Martha, I knew we had found our doula and didn't even bother interviewing anyone else.  Martha's peaceful, non judgemental demeanor immediately put me at ease, which I knew would be important during the birth process with my high strung personality.  As the pregnancy progressed, our doctor became more concerned with test results that indicated our natural, unanesthetized birth would be impossible.  I was devastated to say the least, but Martha was always my cheerleader, reminding me that I had the strength to "rock it" my way.  Our daughter arrived three weeks early and Martha was there at our home in the middle of the night with unwaivering support, guidance, and a calming presence.  While our daughter's birth did not go as planned, I feel blessed to have had Martha by our side the entire time.  Looking back at January 20th, I feel like I gained two new family members, my daughter and Martha.  We highly recommend her services!! KERRI G. (April 3, 2019)

"Thank you  for your support and expertise during labor.  In the moments when I felt I couldn't do it, your voice and breathing helped me keep going!"LINDSAY (Sept. 16, 2017)

"I had exactly the kind of birth I'd hoped for and I am pretty sure I couldn't have done it without you!" JENNIFER (Sept.2017)

"I knew I wanted to have a natural birth long before seeking a doula.  I had been planning on having a hospital birth with an OB I really trusted, but I knew I would need a little more support if I wanted a medication-free birth. So I (looked) for a doula and I just knew Martha was the one when I met her. She is warm, funny, incredibly encouraging and makes you feel very comfortable from the beginning. During the labor process, she provided constant encouragement which is something that is so needed in those moments. I had the birth that I wanted because Martha was by my side." JENNIFER HOLT (8/11/16)

"I knew I wanted a natural childbirth but was worried about being able to do so in a hospital so I  Iooked into hiring a doula. I found Martha online and knew she was the person to help me. She is so flexible and really helped me relax and prepare. When I went in to labour Martha was right there, She worked with  me through each contraction , helping me to stay calm and comfortable.  One of the more helpful things Matha did for me was to gently remind me of my goal throughout the labour process and offer suggestions to help  me reach it. I was able to labour at home for quite awhile and Martha remained a support when we went to the hospital, helping me not get caught up and distracted in the medical setting. I know for a fact that I could not have accomplished my goal without Martha's help." MOLLY TAL (2/20/17)

"Martha was wonderful to work with.  I would work with her again."  Client A.H. (Dec. 2016)

"I chose to work with Martha for the birth of my daughter in March. I knew right away upon meeting her that she was the doula for me! Martha has an incredible energy and calming presence. I found her to be very knowledgeable and non judging. She provided me great information. Martha was very responsive and I loved the prenatal sessions. I also really benefited from her reiki. I would highly recommend her as a Doula! " VALERIE ROSSI R. (2017)

"Martha came to the rescue.. She was available last minute and was a tremendous help.  Since she had not met me until  I was in labor, Martha was very understanding and helpful through my entire labor.  She got to know me in an efficient manner, kindly asking me questions though contractions.  She had a lot of ideas in terms of birthing positions and other things to be more comfortable through contractions.  Martha followed up with me soon after having our duaghter and even came to my house to visit with me so I didn't have to leave.  She is very accomadating and will listen to your wishes!  Very kind individual and would recommend her to anyone! " LISA TREMPER (7/7/2016)

"We couldn't have gotten through it as well without you. Thank you!" Client S.A. (Jan., 2018)

"Martha was my doula for the births of my two children. She was a great support in the weeks leading up to my first birth, giving me an idea of what to expect. When my water broke in the middle of the night, she came over and we walked around the backyard through the early contractions. When the going got tough, the main thing I remember is her calm voice reminding me that I wasn't having a contraction in my shoulders, helping me relax. My husband also really appreciated having her there, too - and the next day my OB/GYN commented on what a great doula I had." KRISTIN BROWN (Oct. 2015)

re PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION: "(Placenta capsules), kicked my baby blues to the Curb!" Client K.S. (August, 2017)

"It was such a pleasure to work with Martha! She is so sweet, thoughtful and caring. Any questions I had, if she didn't know the answer, she went and found them. We felt so comfortable with her right off the bat. She went above and beyond with my husband and me, I labored for 41 hours, a few hours into her birthday, and she stuck by our side without complaint, holding my hand all the way through. I highly recommend Martha!" TIFERRET BERENBAUM (Dec., 2016)

"Martha was such a wonderful soul to have at our birth." JESSICA M. (July, 2017)  

Barbara Aho reviewed Doula Woman LLC — 5 star (October, 2016 ) 

"Martha has been great for me. I just couldn't get by without her reikki." Barbara Aho Facebook 2016